Sunday, April 1, 2007

Chuck Hagel and His Positions

Keep reading things about Chuck Hagel being wrong on his positions, wrong for the R party, wrong for America, so wrong, he may as well switch parties. Why is that? Does anyone outside of politics complain about what he does? Anyone not blinded by what is going on now? Is that why he scares you, because he does what he feels is right? Believing that what is in the interest of the people, this country, and the Constitution that protects it and them, that is the job of a federally elected official. Let's stop crying about Hagel ruining things for people who are not doing the right thing, and let's start holding them accountable. At this point in American history, Chuck Hagel is one of the few elected officials seeing the entire picturing clearly. Just because he's brewing some new Kool Aid doesn't mean you have to drink it, but, realize he's doing it because your's is tainted.

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Joe Leonardi said...

How has Chuck Hagel suddenly become anti republican, just because he has the courage to stand up to this mishandled war in Iraq?

I used this quote in the begining of an column I wrote about the Senator, has it suddenly become undtrue that he is not conservative? I say he is saying what most conservatives have been thinking for so long.

“Hagel is criticized for what many see as grandstanding on the Iraq war, but his critique of the problems we face there has been more right than wrong since our forces landed there.” “He may be right or wrong on Iraq, but no one can question his base conservatism or his devotion to a strong United States.”
American Conservative Union Chairman David A. Keene, quote from the Washington Times

You can check out the post here:

and if you go to the home page you will see much more.

Senator Hagel is who conservatives need. I just wish he would run, because if he doesn't run for president all would have been for not.