Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Draft Hagel 08 Supporter Comments

Just thought it be a good idea to share some of the feedback that we get at www.drafthagel08.com. These are just a few of many.

"Senator Hagel is a true American patriot and the right man for the job."

"If the GOP hopes to hang onto the White House in 2008 the party must select a truly conservative nominee who does not approve of President Bush's conduct of the war. I believe Chuck Hagel's military service makes him eminently qualified to lead this nation at this time. Under his leadership the GOP will once again become the peace party."

"Hagel is the one republican I will support."

"As a Republican - I cannot think of a single candidate I would vote for over Sen. Hagel. Above all else, I appreciate his candor and know it is something we desperately need. "

"I strongly urge the good senator from Nebraska to enter the 2008 race. The Republican candidates at this point are not capable of carrying on the Republican message!!!"

If you know someone who supports what Senator Hagel stands for, but has not visited the site to sign the petition yet, what are they waiting for!?! Thanks for your support!

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