Friday, March 30, 2007

Letter to the Editor

Received this letter to the editor that a Hagel supporter from Martin County, FL recently submitted to his local paper, and just wanted to share it

"In the not so distant past, Republicans produced a conservative majority and were remaking America in ways profound. Yet, since absolute power corrupts (even Republicans) absolutely; we lost Congress. Now we are set on losing the White House.

Republicans today march like mindless drones behind GWB off the cliff. The GOP front runner is hardly pro-family and believes in publicly funded abortions. Once a Democrat, I fled to the GOP for those very reasons. Now, I'm supposed to support Giuliani? Never.

Bush abandoned the Powell doctrine and let Rumsfeld conduct the war like Jack Rogers cutting employees at GE. Result? We sent in just enough troops to create an insurgency and waited 4 long years to try and fix it. If that weren't bad enough, Bush $pent us into debt like Democrats of old. When the attorney general does something askance, we say: "Well it’s no different that what the Dems did!" We support such convoluted logic with the total absence of integrity like the mindless drones we've become. Our party once used to raise the bar and would never have settled for such "lowest-common-denominator" responses.

So, the Republican Party is dead and adrift with no heroes. Except one. Hagel. He supports small government, fiscal restraint, and is NOT interested in mindless nation-building in a Middle Eastern black hole. But will Hagel stand up and say: I AM THE HEART and soul of The Republican Party? No - not yet, because Republicans are too proud to admit the need to change. And that is exactly what we need to do. Or would we rather wait and watch while closet liberals destroy the GOP and Reagan’s legacy?

I am a conservative and I want a conservative candidate on my party's ticket. Do Martin County conservatives want that? If yes, the answer is: Chuck Hagel."

After reading this, this question came to mind: In the last 6 years, when have you heard the White House speak about historical Republican, conservative policies? Taking a look at the deficit, they don't seem to care too much for some of them.

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