Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Well, is it a surprise that most people, even Republicans want out of Iraq? Not to any Hagel supporters. These are the results of a recent poll question in Iowa:

Do you favor a withdrawal of all United States military from Iraq within the next six months? (Republicans Only)
Yes 52%
No 39%
Undecided 9%

Now, when you mention "Hagel" and "President" to most people, their response will be that he isn't running. The thing is, this poll makes it pretty obvious that he should. Does anyone else in Washington seem to care as much about the war, it's effect, the soldiers, their families, and the cost? No. He may not be running, but it is our job to change that. Personally, I love my country, as I am sure most others do. Where it is heading is scary, sad, and disappointing. Looking over the field of contenders and potential contenders, there is only one who can bring this great country back to the glory it deserves, and that person is Senator Chuck Hagel. There is no doubt.

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