Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why I support Senator Hagel

At a time when Republicans have lost the Senate and the House, many see our chances of retaining the Presidency in 2008 as slim to none. I, however, remain confident, due to one man: Senator Chuck Hagel. When I say the name, "Senator Chuck Hagel," many people respond, "who?" And that is the biggest problem that we face. As of now, the front Republican runner is considered to be Senator McCain (AZ); however, I remain confident. Senator McCain lacks the support of a major portion of the Republican Party, the hard core social conservatives. With a mediocre (at best) conservative stance on social issues like abortion and gay marriage, Senator McCain will have a hard time winning the nomination from these voters. Senator Hagel, however, can get the support of the social conservatives, while still being supported by the centrist voters. Senator Hagel is a perfect mix: he is able to get religious and centrist Republicans, something Senator McCain will wish he would have been able to do. The only thing left to do is to spread the word about Senator Hagel. His problem as of now is recognition, as I indicated in my example. At a time when it is looking grim for Republicans, we cannot fail to do all that we can to get Senator Hagel the nomination, so that we can retain the Presidency to keep America a great country.

I will try to post some Michigan specific reasons to support Senator Hagel in the next few days.

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Charlie said...

Good luck with the blog. Hagel '08!