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Hagel Says Independent Bid For Prez Is Possible

Hagel Says Independent Bid For Prez Is Possible
May 04, 2007

The Leavenworth Street political blog took note today of a story by Bloomberg News, reporting that Senator Chuck Hagel declined to rule out a bid for president as an Independent candidate, and even said such a bid ?is possible.?

Interesting story.

Hagel didn?t say he would make such a bid, just that (like almost everything else) he would not rule it out.

Here is the story, as reported by Leavenworth Street.

According to a Bloomberg News article, Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel said he would consider running for President as an Independent:

An independent bid "is possible," Hagel, 60, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television's Political Capital with Al Hunt. "I don't ever foreclose any options."

This is contrary to what Hagel said at his non-announcement announcement in March:

?I am a Republican. I believe I will continue to be a Republican.?

Regarding the issue of his footsy-ish dinner at The Palm in Washington, D.C. with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the article said,

?they talked about their families, politics and Iraq, and there was no discussion about teaming up for a presidential campaign. "We have a lot of common interests," he said. "But no, there was no talk of any ticket."

Having a major fund-raiser for his re-election campaign.
Meeting for a high-profile dinner with another proposed Presidential candidate.
Changing his position on whether he?d run as an Independent.

Well, we guess he?s leaving his options open?

Meanwhile, Republican hopeful Jon Bruning says he ain't afraid of Hagel's abilty to raise campaign funds. The attorney general has all but declared that he will challenge Hagel for the GOP senatorial nomination - if Hagel seek a third term.

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