Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hagel on Iraq - another supporter's input

Here's a post from the U.S. Election Atlas forum that I post on (Inks.LWC):

from: Lt. Governor Inks.LWC on May 08, 2007, 08:32:20 pm

This is not my GO HAGEL rant - but his idea seems smart to me:
1) Send our troops to the Iraqi border to keep terrorists from leaving/coming in.
2) Let the Iraqis settle their civil war - why will the warring factions listen to a 3rd party who doesn't understand their war? The Iraqis understand each other better than we do - let their people help themselves!

I've always respected Chuck Hagel - and I don't understand why he can not seem to get much support from the GOP base. The fact that he is willing to think outside the
box on Iraq should make him a much more appealing candidate than he is polling
at right now. His Iraq plan actually reminds me of a few of the major Democrats
that don't want to "cut and run" but also don't want to "stay the course"- but
he's also a very conservative Senator, unlike the major Democrats. I can not say
I have loved anybodies plan on Iraq (either Dem or GOP) to this point, but the
ones that are thinking outside the confines of "cut and run" and "stay the
course" are certainly much more attracitve than what we have going on right now.

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