Sunday, February 11, 2007

USA Today: Hagel has to step it up

The following is a USA Today article showing that Hagel really has to step it up in Michigan:
By Adam Bird, AP
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney holds a press conference before speaking to Republicans during the Michigan GOP Convention in Grand Rapids, Mich. Saturday.

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (AP) — Republicans Mitt Romney, son of a Michigan governor, and Sam Brownback promoted their presidential campaigns Saturday before nearly 3,000 party activists at their state convention.

Romney reminded the crowd that he grew up sharing the Automotive News each morning with his father, George, who headed American Motors Corp. before becoming Michigan's governor from 1963-69.

The younger Romney, himself a former Massachusetts governor, said his father brought many of the lessons he learned from business to the governorship.

"He got Michigan moving again," Romney said, before running through his stands opposing abortion, favoring the restriction of marriage to a man and a woman and backing controls on illegal immigration. "It's time for Republican principles to come back to Michigan again."

Brownback, the Kansas senator who is running as the conservative heart of the party, earned a warm reception with his pledges to protect life and the traditional family.

He also called for wiping out cancer in 10 years and for putting more resources into alternative energy.

"Michigan is going to be a key state in getting that done," he said, noting its efforts to encourage the production of ethanol and biodiesel.

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