Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some Recent Articles

Here are a couple recent articles that would be good to check out:

1) No False Choices: Chuck Hagel's Foreign Policy Road Map
This one's a great article to read - so make sure you get through the whole thing.

2) Hagel visits North Platte

While U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel is still undecided on whether he wants to
run for president in 2008, he remains outspoken in his opposition to the current
administration’s policy on military involvement in Iraq.

“I’ve probably been more consistent and clear and predictable on the Iraq
war than any member of Congress in the last four years,” Hagel said during a
visit to North Platte on Friday.

3) War Critic Speaks from Heart of Bush Country

KEARNEY, Neb. — Jeff Strong, a recently retired National Guardsman and
"rock-ribbed Republican," churned with conflicting emotions as he sat in an
auditorium at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, waiting for Sen. Chuck

Strong personifies the dilemma for many residents in this state, where
President Bush captured two-thirds of the vote in 2004. Strong is uncomfortable
with the role Hagel, the state's Republican senior senator, has taken in
criticizing Bush's war plans. "I just don't understand how his anti-war rhetoric
is helping to stabilize Iraq," said Strong, a postal worker.

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